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5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621

5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621
5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621
5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621
5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621
5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621

5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621
Industrial Equipment Expert is a Leading provider of Quality industry equipment such as air compressor, motors, engine, filter system, dryer, pump, airbrush, belt, accessories and parts, drywall tools, etc. Please visit our stores for all the available products we have and we do both Retail and Wholesale for our products. If you use Best Offer Option or have any question about the item and like to get discount on more order quantities.

Please google Industrial Equipment Expert for inqueries. We will do our best to provide the lowest price possible depends on locations. 5 HP 3450 RPM 208-230 VAC 56 FRAME COMPRESSOR DUTY MOTOR. Brand new, high starting torque design for compressor duty applications. Overload protection with manual reset.

Confirm your motor name plate data tag including voltage, amperage, speed, frame and shaft diameter to match this motor specifications for proper operation. Power 5 HP Definite Purpose Special Compressor Duty. X 2-1/4" w/ 3/16" keyway. Size 11-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 6-1/2.

HP ratings have been made suspect over the years by large retailers who like to use "peak HP" or " SPL " in their terminology. If your current motor says 21 FL amps at 230VAC.

Then you would be safe replacing your motor with a 19FL amp thru 23 FL amp electric motor 230volt. Then you replace it with a 15 FL amp motor. That 15A motor is NOT strong enough for the task, and will eventually fail. The frame not only constitutes the overall size of the electric motor, it also depicts the bolt pattern to which you use to mount the motor. If your current motor you're replacing shows 56 Frame on the nameplate.

Its extremely important that you replace it with a 56frame motor. Improperly sized motors will inevitably result in motor failures. If your existing motor says 5HP 184T frame, and you elect to replace it with a 5HP 56frame.. That would be similar to putting a 4 cylinder engine in a school bus.

It may work for a day, but it will eventually fail within the first hours of use. This is why its important that your new motors frame size matches the old motor you're replacing. This will ensure your replacement motor will work for years to come. If your machine requires a 230volt electric motor on single phase power. You would want to incorporate a 1-phase 230vac electric motor for your application.

Matching up the RPM is quite important. The wrong speed can damage your pump. The RPM does not have to match exactly, but you do need to be the neighborhood.

3510rpm, 3550, 3450 are all the same. They all fall under the umbrella of whats known as 3600RPM motors. Measure the outside diameter on your electric motors shaft. The most common 5HP compressor duty motor shaft diameters are 5/8" 7/8" 1 1/8.

By matching up the proper shaft diameter, you will be able to reuse the original motor pulley that came on your machine. For small order of parts such as pop up valve, drain dock, quick couplers, etc. Item must be in brand new condition and in its original packaging.

We will reply as soon as the message is received. Industrial Equipment Expert is a distributor and as such, has no direct or indirect control over the materials, processes, or quality control procedures used by the manufacturers of the. Accordingly, Industrial Equipment Expert will NOT be held responsible for damages resulting from product defects, or, from mis-applications/improper installations. By the customer or end user. It is the purchasers responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for the specific application.

If it is deemed defective. Shall be held harmless of. Any and all damages including (but not limited to) physical injury, property damage. Water damage or otherwise for any reason.

Equipment Expert will make arrangements to replace the defective item at no additional costs to the customer. For value VIP customers, we will automatically notify you and please use best offer option when purchasing items. We will offer discount for our value customers.

We are welcome for both wholesaler buyers and retail buyers. We provide good discount on large quantities order. Industrial Equipment Expert, LLC I. E is a leading provider of industry equipments such as air compressor, accessories and parts, impact wrench hammer, pressure switch, magnetic starter, engine, motor, regulator, air in filter, gauge, valve, etc.

We help our clients and customers through unlimited supplies or tools and equipment by understanding their needs and work together to achieve success. With nearly 65+ products currently in our store and we are growing at a significant rate and soon, I.

E will become the market dominator, we can meet your needs wherever in the world and whichever business you do. The item "5 HP 230 VOLT AC 3450 RPM US MOTORS AIR COMPRESSOR MOTOR 10-2621" is in sale since Monday, November 14, 2016. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Industrial Automation & Motion Controls\Electric Motors\General Purpose Motors". The seller is "industrial-equipment-expert" and is located in Katy, Texas. This item can be shipped to United States, Reunion.

  • Model: 5HP US Motor D52CM1K14
  • Current Type: AC
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: US Motor

5 HP 230 Volt Ac 3450 RPM Us Motors Air Compressor Motor 10-2621